Chapter 1 'Introduction' to Graphics Design

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 When we look into history we will find in GRAPHIC DESIGN is being used since humankind is created.
We can say when Allah created his creatures since then GRAPHIC DESIGN started. Universe created by Allah is perfect. We humankind are highest between his creatures.
Allah has given us abilities to think and consider in his universe and create, discover and invent. That commonly tends to creativity which actually is called copying or cloning.
GRAPHIC DESIGN also involved in our life style, no matter you are graphic designer or not. Life style trends are always introduced by designers.
At the beginner level you can follow expert designer. But when you are expert designer then you must follow someone whom knowledge can bring you new ideas as well as useful for humankind.
In GRAPHIC DESIGN we must follow design process. I will describe design process in later video.
You have to be broad mind to get more ideas for your design. And two factors are important time and knowledge. With the time you will learn from your failure and with more knowledge you gain it will bring more ideas in your mind.
Today GRAPHIC DESIGN has a big commercial side, it’s associated heavily with commerce and used to sell and advertise things and can also be used to educate and inspire a generation.
GRAPHIC DESIGN is not only drawing, painting, creating a posters, logos but something more than this too.
Graphic design is presentation of information developed through a creative process for a particular function.
So that's an introduction to what graphic design is. Especially for beginners and I hope that will be helpful to expert who did not work much with theoretical concepts of graphic design.