Mydocs Restricted Docs Component - Abdul JES(Joomla Extensions Store)
“Mydocs Restricted Docs” is a Joomla document management system component, with user restriction.

Why does your website need the “Mydocs Restricted Docs”?

As per name suggests, it restrict your documents on your website. So if you have sensitive documents on your website that you only want certain registered user on your website can view, and even more they can view their own documents and not able to view other registered users documents on your website, then this component will help you to obtain this functionality in your website.
With it you can also categorize your documents using core Joomla categories.
Deeper sub level of categories are also supported.


Mydocs Restricted Docs features:-

  1. Easily manage documents and categories from backend.
  2. Restrict user to only view their documentss
  3. Set expire date of documents
  4. Ability to have tag system for your documents
  5. Fully responsive layout
  6. No need for advanced coding
  7. Multilingual support available on request