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“Mollie Refund Hikashop” is a plugin used to refund hikashop order amount to user’s mollie account which was completed using mollie payment method.
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Why does your website need the “Mollie Refund Hikashop”?

Currently hikashop provide refund status, but what it does it make status of order to refund, but order amount is not refund to mollie user, as order was completed using mollie payment method. Now up refund user must get his money back to mollie account. This plugin will help you to do that job. From admin when you will update status of an order, it will automatically run in backend and refund mollie amount to user.


Prerequisites of “Mollie Refund Hikashop Plugin”

  1. In order to make mollie refund hikashop make working, as it depends in mollie API files, and not including it in this plugin, as generally this plugin is installed after once you have installed mollie payment plugin, so that is right order, first install mollie payment plugin, then go for refund plugin, now API files will be automatically available for Mollie Refund Plugin