Fixes [Joomla Media Manager JavaScript Uncaught SyntaxError: ... is not valid JSON]

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fixes 1 media manager js error


After installing third party extensions, especially system type plugins. You are facing media manager error. Now media manager is showing nothing, and you are viewing something simliar to this image.

fixes 1 media manager js error

And you also experience following javascript error in browser developer tool -> console tab.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<script ty"... is not valid JSON
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at onSuccess (media-manager.min.js?8e3a78d4ae3e1ccce3bedff2c951a25009d8e086:7303:39)
    at i.onreadystatechange (core.min.js?ee06c8994b37d13d4ad21c573bbffeeb9465c0e2:4:5206)


In order to resolve issue, please following these steps:

  1. Go to system -> Plugins
  2. Sort plugins by ID Descending
  3. Keep open media manager in other tab.
  4. Start unpublishing plugins one by one.
  5. For each unpublish, go to media manager, and refresh page.
  6. Hopefully any unpublish will resolve issue.

After you have analyzed the causing issue plugin, go to find its alternate. And if you don't find alternate. Find and hire JOOMLA EXPERT

Abdul Waheed - Joomla Expert