TalentValue Human Resource System in Joomla

TalentValue Human Resource System

TalentValue Human Resource System is your resource center to access and license dependable, low cost HR solutions and technologies. Many organizations do not know the true cost of their HR strategies.  With the cost of recruiting on the uprise due to a more competitive, aging applicant pool, the high cost of turnover and new employee training it is imperative that employers get a firm handle on what their HR Program costs.  Discover what opportunities you have to drive a higher return on human capital investments.

TalentValue Human Resource System is a joomla based web portal solution developed for Talentvalue Inc. This is basically working much like web portal, where different associations are allowed to register and can login to have their own dashboard with their custom design pages. It has following features :

  • Template designed and developed from scratch using Bootstrap mobile responsive.
  • Custom Modules developed to become part of functionalities required on dashboard of logged in associations.
  • Image slider component is used.
  • Form maker extension is used, which is very rich component to build forms on website and use them for several purpose like contact us, submit information etc.
  • K2 content extension is being used for website content areas.
  • Core user component is extended with custom developed profile plugin, and usergroup plugin is used on registration page, so one can select appropriate association while registering them. Profile plugin extend user information to be saved while user / association get registered.
  • After registration and activation, when someone association login, system automatically recognize it and direct it to right dashboard and association links and pages.