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Sahadas Joomla Testimonial Custom Extension Development & Joomla website fixation

I was hired by "Giovanni Santoro", for the website,

He is from "Techelsberg Austria" and his reviews after job completion are : 

Abdul is an exceptionally professional and efficient full-stack developer from Pakistan. I discovered him in various Joomla groups on Facebook and initially contacted him to address some issues (related to the database and caching) on my website. He responded swiftly, resolving the problem within a day—a feat that had eluded other professionals.Approximately a week later, Abdul developed a custom, responsive Joomla extension (comprising both a component and a module) designed to display customer testimonials on my website. This extension stands out for its ease of management directly from the backend, its full responsiveness, and its inclusion of numerous settings and features that are not found in other extensions within the Joomla Extensions Directory.I wholeheartedly recommend Abdul. For those hesitant about engaging with a freelance provider from Pakistan, let me assure you: there's no need for second thoughts. Abdul's work is exceptional, and I eagerly look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.

Our Role:

Job completed includes:

  • Joomla website cookie code correction
  • Development of new testimonial component and module named "Sahadas Testimonials".

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